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Dive Sites

DIVE CENTER KRK  |  Steep Faces

Steilwand Selzine Cres Kroatien Oktopus Tauchen Krk Kroatien Zauberhafte Unterwasserwelt Kroatien

One of the absolute top spots of the northern Adriatic awaits you here. Even immediately after the descent, you can observe how the entire plateau is covered with corals of all colours. Numerous schools of fish bustle along the edge of the cliff. The wall itself drops off to a depth of about 40 metres and is covered with huge fan corals. Like a Coral Forest, they are close to each other at the bottom of the wall.
If you look closely, you will also spot the odd conger eel or giant scorpion fish. Big fish are also frequently spotted here.

Divespot Mafia Bay Krk Croatia Schnecke Mafia Bucht Plavnik Krk Fischschwärme Mafia Bucht Steilwand

Mafia Bay
The Mafia Bay actually consists of 2 different dive sites. By getting out of the bay towards the north, you are just a couple of metres away from one of the most colourful and rich-in-fish steep faces in the area. Here´s Snail Alert! Even with untrained eyes, a variety of snails in different colours can be found on each stone.
A steep wall extends to the south, with a straight, and in some cases even overhanging, immediate drop from 0-40 metres. At the end of the cliff you will find a small Speedboat wreck that gives Mafia Bay its name. This is a cigarette-smuggling boat that was unceremoniously sunk by the Coast Guard.

Mali Plavnik Steilwand DIVE CENTER KRK Tauchplatz Mali Plavnik Krk Kroatien Diving Mali Plavnik Krk Croatia

Mali Plavnik
Mali Plavnik (small Plavnik) is an island off the coast of the actual island of Plavnik. The dive site is best described as Underwater Mountains. Several towers with tips, that are partially above the water and partially below the water surface, can be circled here. The wall itself drops partially to over 40 metres and is home to countless large Scorpion Fish, and blue-stripped squat lobster, as well as other crab species.
At 18 metres deep, it also has a cave where an approximately 1-metre-long monkfish always hides.

Scuba Diving DIVE CENTER KRK Croatia Taucher Steilwand Krk Kroatien Lobster Tauchen in Kroatien

This top-class dive site was discovered by us some time ago during exploration dives and was immediately added to the programme. Since we, of course, keep the coordinates a secret, you can enjoy this treat exclusively with us. The upper part of the dive site forms a semi-circular plateau with a depth of 10-12 metres. More Anemones grow here, as on all dive sites along the northern Adriatic.
If you dive into the surrounding plateau cliff, you can certainly encounter one or two Giant Spider Crabs. The visibility here is always sensational with over 40 metres.

Tauchplatz Loreley DIVE CENTER KRK Faszin<br /> ierende Unterwasserwelt Loreley Steilwand Loreley Plavnik Krk

Yes, we also have a Loreley like in the Rhine! And it is one of the most interesting steep faces in the area. It extends as an underwater rocky outcrop into the sea, with the upper part that is at the same angle as a mountain ridge. It is a fascinating sight to hover over and see to the left and right at the same time into the depths.
Again, Snail Alert here. One or two octopuses hunt along the steep face for spider crabs or crayfish. Not far from the wall, you can also discover a Sea Mine from WW1 in the somewhat deeper area.


Wracktauchen Peltastis Krk Wracktauchgang Peltastis DIVE LOFT KRK Wrack Peltastis DIVE CENTER KRK

Wreck “Peltastis”

The Greek ore freighter that sunk on the stormy night (Bora) of January 4, 1968, is now one of the most popular wrecks for scuba divers in Croatia. Due to its upright position, 15-30 metres deep, it is ideal for AOWD courses. The cargo compartment, the passageway, and the captain’s cabin are easy to dive. Many rockfish, and various types of crabs and crayfish hide in the countless structures which are very well preserved at the bow of the boat. The large schools of fish which always reside on the wreck are an impressive sight. It seems as if they know that there is no fishing on the wreck.

Length: 70 metres
Depth: 15-31 metres

Wracktauchen Lina Cres Kroatien

Wreck “Lina”

Sunk during a snow storm in 1914, this wood-coal freighter is known to be one of the most beautiful shipwrecks in Croatia. The narrow high bow impressively combines with all the fishing nets which have been caught in the mast over the years. Visibility is exceptional at the wreck and the cargo bay, which is easy to dive into, is consistently filled with stunning lighting effects. A special highlight is the possibility of diving through the overturned chimney, that laying on the roof of the captain’s cabin.

Length: 80 metres
Depth: 27-52 metres

Apnoe Tauchen DIVE CENTER KRK Tauchen am Wrack Lina Cres


The freighter, built in 1957 in Germany and flying the Saudi Arabian flag, was loaded with precious wood mahogany when he left the port of Rijeka in 1982 and soon after capsized and sank. Guilt might have been the unevenly distributed charge. Although one of the youngest wrecks in the Adriatic it is already beautifully overgrown and habitat of innumerable marine life. Today, the wreck lies on its starboard side and can be wonderfully dive.

Length: 100 meters
Depth: 26-42 meters


Wreck “SIGRID”

The freighter built in 1956 and flying the German flag was on 15.1.1977 on the way to Rijeka to delete his cargo. The crew dropped anchor just before the harbor entrance when suddenly very strong bora came up. On the sandy bottom, the anchor could not grab and so the ship rammed a breakwater in front of the harbor and sank. Due to the shallow depth, a part of the wreck was already salvaged in 1978 to ensure safe access to the port of Rijeka. Today, the wreck with its abundance of fish is one of the most beautiful in the Adriatic.

Length: 72 meters
Depth: 16-35 meters

Kanonen von Plavnik Wracktauchen Kanonen Wrack Plavnik Krk Wracktauchen mit DIVE CENTER KRK


The Jakljan is a bulk cargo transport ship that was equipped with mortal guns at the bow and stern during World War II. It was in a warship bandage on the way from Senj to Rijeka when suddenly strong Bora began. The ship was pushed against the shore and sank. The entire crew was killed. Today the wreck lies at a depth of 37m – 55m and offers with its guns a very interesting photo motive.

Length: about 45 meters
Depth: 37 – 55 meters

Wrack Paula DIVE CENTER KRK Wracktauchen Kroatien Krk Wrack-Specialty AOWD Kurs

Wreck “Paula”

The small sailboat wreck was discovered many years ago by one of our instructors (Paul). We gave the sailboat wreck his name. And since ships always have female names, “Paul” was simply changed to “Paula”. The approximately 14-metre-long sailing ship is upright in the sand, 29 metres deep in the water. The cabin of the wreck is inhabited by a conger eel, which shares its home with a big lobster that is often found under the wreck.

Length: 14 metres
Depth: 29 metres

Wracktauchen Michaela Krk Kroatien Drachenkopf am Wrack Michaela Krk Wracktauchgang Michaela DIVE CENTER KRK

Wreck “Michaela”

Wreck Michaela is a leisure boat with a cabin structure. The cabin is very well preserved and so you can take great underwater pictures as wreck-captain. Around the wreck there is an extensive sea grass bed on which different types of seahorses hide. A sharp eye is required!

Length: 15 metres
Depth: 30 metres

Kanonen von Plavnik Wracktauchen Kanonen Wrack Plavnik Krk Wracktauchen mit DIVE CENTER KRK

Wreck “Guns of Plavnik”

The “Guns of Plavnik” was probably a wooden sailing vessel (brig schooner) from the late 18th or early 19th century, from the time of Napoleonic expeditions. The cannons were likely to be used to defend already conquered territories. The cargo (steel cannons) never reached its destination, however. Today there are about 14 cannons, fused into blocks on the seabed. Some remains of the bow and the board work can still be seen.

Length: once 30 metres
Depth: 21 – 40 metres

DIVE CENTER KRK  |  Caves & Tunnels

Vrbnik Cave DIVE LOFT KRK Oktopus an der Höhle Vrbnik Fischschwarm Höhle von Vrbnik

Vrbnik Cave
Just 100 meters from the dive centre is the famous Vrbnik Cave. The cave extends about 35 metres into the interior, but is lit up by a chimney, which reaches to the water’s surface. This creates a fascinating play of light inside the cave. The entrance is at a depth of 13 meters and is overgrown with sponges in different colours.
Conger eels or lobsters are often sighted there.

Höhle Big Cave Insel Cres Big Cave DIVE CENTER KRK Bootsausfahrt zum Big Cave

Big Cave
Near the “Loreley” rock on the island of Cres, we find the Cathedral, which has gigantic proportions. With a length of 40 metres, a width of 15 metres and a height of 10 metres, it is one of the largest caves in the area and thus also very good to dive for beginners.
A freshwater layer that has formed on the ceiling at the rear of the cave offers an amazing visual spectacle. The vegetation around the cave entrance is exceptional. The entire rock glows in various colours. Next to the cave is the start of a great rock face, in the lower part of which is another cave (Shark Cave).

Tauchplatz Prvic Tunnel und Höhle Prvic Tunnel Bootsausfahrt Insel Krk Taucher am Prvic Tunnel DIVE CENTER KRK

Prvic Tunnel
At the northern most tip of the island of Prvic, there is a rock in the water through which leads a tunnel roughly 35 metre long. After the descent, you arrive at the entrance to the tunnel at a depth of around 12 metres. With a diameter of around 3 metres, the tunnel is very easy to dive. You barely reach the other side when one of the most beautiful rock faces in the whole area immediately begins.
Also, here the chance of big fish (tuna) is very high. Anyone who still has enough air in the tank after the dive through the tunnel and the rock face should not miss the Pillar-Cave, which is located only about 40 meters away, opposite the rock.

Tauchplatz Blue Hole Cres Blue Hole DIVE CENTER KRK Tauchgang am Blue Hole

Blue Hole
The Blue Hole is a first-class chimney-cave-cliff combination. Directly from the anchorage you dive down into a small pool, which is 3 metres deep and from this, through the chimney, down to the actual cave. On the other side of the great hall there is a wide exit at about 20 metres depth.
The whole cave is covered with giant Gorgonians. Leaving the cave, after a few meters you reach a beautifully-vegetated cliff where there are tons of fish at play. At the bottom of the cliff a capital Conger eel (2,50 m) lives in its own small cave.

Höhle Geierfels Insel Plavnik DIVE CENTER KRK Tauchplatz Geierfels Oktopus am Tauchplatz Geierfels

As one of the most beautiful dive sites on the island of Plavnik, the Geierfels not only offers plenty of fish and colourful corals, but also several caves . Every few metres, small caves and tunnels lead up to 15 metres into the rock. At the end of the dive, the so-called Bat Cave awaits you. The entrance is found only one metre deep and after another metre you can emerge in a small chamber.
The Geierfels is among the most beautiful not only under, but also on water. Our boat anchors at a rock face which houses one of the world’s last existing Bald Griffon Vulture colonies. The huge animals, with a wingspan of up to 2.70 m and a weight of more than 11 kg, can be wonderfully observed from the boat.

Taucher vor der Höhle Love Cave DIVE CENTER KRK Höhle Love Cave Kindertauchen am Love Cave

Love Cave
One of the most famous caves in the area is the so called Love Cave. It is in fact a grotto in which you can dive as well as swim. At first you’ll think you have dived into a dark passage, but after a few metres it soon becomes lighter and you will find yourself at a small beach, which at the same time forms the end of the cave. The special feature of this cave is a hole in the ceiling, through which light enters and illuminates the room.
A particular highlight, not just for divers, but also for snorkelers.

DIVE CENTER KRK | 4x House Reef | Vrbnik

Secret Beach - DIVE LOFT KRK Hausriff-Tauchplatz Secret Beach DIVE LOFT KRK Hausriff Secret Beach

House Reef dive site No. 1 “Secret Beach”
Only a few metres away from the diving centre DIVE LOFT KRK is the House Reef Secret Beach. Trolleys are available for the professional transport of equipment despite the proximity.
You go through a small cave to a hidden beach, which gave its name to the dive site. The entry area is flat and therefore ideal for Check-dives, Introductory dives or Training dives.
After a few minutes dive time a Steep wall that drops to a depth of 30 metres begins. Many crabs and shrimps hide in the numerous columns and holes.
In particular on night dives octopuses also come out of their hiding places to hunt.
Dive site highlights: shoals of fish, such as salema porgy, two-banded bream, damselfish, blue striped jumping crabs, occasionally seahorses, scorpion fish, …

DIVE LOFT KRK Hausriff Silent Beach Seepferdchen Hausriff Silent Beach Ausbildungsbucht Silent Beach Vrbnik

House Reef dive site No. 2 “Silent Beach South”
With our Shuttle bus we take you, in just a few minutes, to the House Reef Silent Beach South.
The most beautiful beach by far on the island of Krk is surrounded by fragrant pine trees, and the crystal clear water has a soft turquoise glow. You would think you were in the Caribbean.
From the equipment platforms, available especially for you, you can go directly into the water in just a few steps. The entry area is also flat and therefore ideal for training.
After only a few meters a Steep face can already be seen, where you can always encounter giant Spider crabs.
Special highlights are the several large yellow Sea horses that reside in the central area of the bay.

Landtauchen Vrbnik Insel Krk Hausrifftauchen DIVE LOFT KRK Hausriff-Tauchplatz Silent Beach Nord

House Reef dive site No. 3 “Silent Beach North”
As soon as you have reached Silent Beach with our shuttle bus, you can already begin. On our especially available equipment platforms, you can put on your equipment, do the buddy-check, and dive!
When diving in the Silent Beach on the left side, a gently sloping Plateau awaits you, on which there are always one or more seahorses hidden. Gurnards spread their wings and run over the white sand bottom, which is covered by many large Tubeworms.
The ideal dive site for those who prefer staying in shallower depths to have more time for the beauties of the underwater world.

Landtauchplatz 100 Steps Vrbnik Hausriff-Tauchplatz 100 Steps Hausriff 100 Steps DIVE LOFT KRK

House Reef dive site No. 4 “100 Steps”
With our shuttle bus you can also reach our fourth House Reef 100 Steps, in the shortest time possible. Don’t worry, you will not need to climb down 100 steps to go to the sea.
A comfortable dive ladder will get you directly into the water, and of course, back out.
Unless you want to undertake a One-Way-Dive directly to Silent Beach. Again, the reef shuttle brings you there of course.
Underwater you can expect more colourfully covered steep face segments as well as a variety of crabs, octopuses and schooling fish.
Maximum depth here is also over 30 meters.
Dive site highlights: Schools of fish, occasionally seahorses, scorpion fish…